NIM Framework


The National Interest Platform (NIP) was registered as a civil society, non-partisan organization in 2015. Its sole purpose is to act as a platform and think tank for fostering the emergence of a National Interest Movement (NIM). NIM shall serve as an alternative political force (third force) that shall pursue a definitive paradigm shift in Ghana’s system of governance, economy and social fabric through pivotal constitutional and policy reforms.

The National Interest Movement (NIM) shall be that alternative political force (vehicle) to mobilize and galvanize the masses for the singular objective of achieving the paradigm shift for Ghana’s development. The paradigm shift will foster a quantum leap in Ghana’s development and permit its transformation into a first world country.

NIM will also serve as a template for other African Countries whose democracies have stagnated and become dysfunctional duopolies. Such so called democracies now serve only the needs of a bi-partisan group of Africa’s post-independence political elite class. NIM will be the vehicle for a convergence of forces that will give voice to the marginalized poor, the muted middle class and increasingly frustrated intelligentsia. Together these disenfranchised group will denounce and renounce the fritting away of our common future, by the pretentious practice of a monetized democracy that is steeped in corruption and malpractice as an accepted way for everyday life.

NIM shall be the bulwark for resistance against a fate of doom that is not inevitable, indeed it is entirely preventable if we change our path from self seeking prosperity to prosperity for all. The latter  is only achievable if the national interest prevails in favour of the greater common good, against the rising tide of bi-partisan self-serving interests of an entrenched elite political class.



The constitution, the basis of our democracy, must change to curb the worst excesses and bring about new more productive behaviour, before there can be any meaningful change in national development. A comprehensive systems change proposed under NIM is needed to overcome the main impediments that have prevented Ghana from escalating the transformative quantum leap in development into a first world country over the last sixty years. The first world country that we envision Ghana to become would reflect first world values of freedom and justice under the rule of law, a modern value added economy and the wellbeing of all its people. The citizens will protected, empowered and uplifted to high living standards through sustainable use of our nation’s natural resources. The system will reward doing the right thing and punish those that undermine and subvert it. Many Ghanaians today feel impotent against corruption and corrupt practices because their experience is that those that resist are punished whilst those that participate prosper.



To achieve its declared objective, the National Interest Platform (NIP) must first formulate a reform agenda as a people’s charter that will be its social compact. NIP must then facilitate a meeting of like minds that will adopt  and subscribe to the People’s Charter as a basis for forming a coalition that takes on the form of a political movement. For now, we shall simply call this the National Interest Movement (NIM). All parties that subscribe to the NIM shall join together in shaping its governance, structure and organizational procedures and programs. The coalition of members in NIM shall launch NIM and facilitate NIM to achieve its goal in partnership with other actors. The National Interest Movement (NIM) shall be fostered through the further joining together of independent civil society movements and individuals that have clear national interest agendas.

NIM shall galvanize sufficient broad national support to break the entrenched duopoly established by the two dominant parties, the NPP and the NDC.

The national interest movement (NIM) shall galvanize mass support behind a single independent Presidential candidate to pursue a clearly defined reform agenda campaign in the coming general elections in Ghana (2020) and subsequent elections until victory is achieved. NIM aims to capture the presidency and sway a majority in parliament in order to form government in 2020 and/or thereafter. The purpose of NIM gaining such power is to significantly reform the 1992 constitution to pave the way for a more strident paradigm shift that will genuinely change the system of governance as we know it today to a more purposefully, meritocratic, pragmatic and honest system. Such radical change is not possible under the current constitution without significant amendments that resolve self-serving contradictions to entrench power and protect the political elite class.

We aim to stop the waste of opportunity and effect the needed changes in our system by engaging the Ghanaian public citizens to accept the Peoples Charter for fundamental change as their war cry going forward. Ghana cannot and must not wait any longer to effect a genuine change in its system of governance, architecture of its economy and values of its social fabric.



NIP shall formulate an Agenda and Strategy for NIM through its research and study think tank group.

The NIM agenda and strategy will be formulated through a consultative process with leaders of other independent bodies and organisations of like mind.

NIM Supreme Council will be comprised of NIM executives and designated leaders from its constituent members be they organizations or individuals. The supreme council will form a campaign team to prosecute the national elections as one amalgamated independent body with its own independent candidates for parliamentary seats and the Presidential slot.

Interim NIM leadership shall invite the emerging crop of independent organizations to a retreat to agree on a people’s charter for change of the established operating system and also work out a unified approach for prosecuting the systems change agenda.

Invitations to the retreat have followed meetings and consultations with leaders of:

  1. Third Force Front/Movement
  2. Independent Voters Association (IVA)
  3. The People’s Democratic Movement, (PDM)
  4. The People’s Project (TPP)
  5. Ghana United Movement, (GUM)
  6. Ghana First Movement, (GFM)
  7. Move Ghana (MG) and others that are yet to emerge.


Any political parties that declare support for the movement agenda and the NIM’s independent President candidate may be considered as allies if they do not present a Presidential Candidate in the same election otherwise they are strictly competitors.

The focus of NIM’s agenda remains a systems change and not ambitions of individuals be they prospective parliamentary or Presidential candidates.


Defining a New Way Forward with The People’s Charter for Change.

Beyond galvanizing an independent movement for elections, the NIP will work with others to collectively help NIM define the substance of:

  1. A reform agenda and the mechanisms that will cause a systems change on all fronts.
  2. A campaign strategy, message and schedule as an independent alternative political force that shall mobilize the masses to break the duopoly of a two party system in Ghana
  3. A conclave for search and selection of suitable independent candidates for Parliamentary seats and the Presidential slot.
  4. A Diaspora Campaign to mobilize support and form alliances with other similar organizations in other African and Caribbean Countries.
  5. A sustainable long term campaign to gain a majority in parliament and capture the Presidency to ensure the systems change we seek is effected, constitutionally established and social attitudes are changed.